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We feel blessed that we have had the opportunity to be in business at the Fullerton Airport since 1967. We have trained several thousand pilots, many of them have gone on to fly for the airlines, achieving a life long dream. Others have continued to fly "real airplanes" in personal, missionary and business flights.
We would like to invite you to join us for a tour of AFI's campus on the Fullerton Airport. During the tour we believe that you will discover the joy our family has experienced in sharing our love of flying with our friends and customers.
Bill Griggs, Bill Griggs Jr
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Island Price 100LL: $5.05
Updated 5/6/15
AFI Unicom: 123.3
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May 18 Private Pilot........Nathan Zeleke
May 17 Instrument Rating...Marc O'Brien
May 16 Private Pilot.........Jacob Teepen
May 14 First Solo...............Brian Murray
May 3 First Solo..............Kurt Fortunato
Apr 12 Commercial Pilot......Billy Weidmann
May 20 First Solo.................Amy Wang
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Apr 18 Instrument Rating......Steven Nogues
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Celebrating 48 years at Fullerton Airport
First Flight $99
AOPA Rusty Pilot program June 27th 2pm-5pm

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