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Flying In


Fullerton, CA (KFUL)


ATIS: 125.05

CTAF/Tower: 119.10

Ground: 121.8

Socal App/Dep: 125.35

Call AFI Unicom 123.3 on arrival


Self Service 100LL: $5.54

Full Service 100LL: $5.79


▪ Free Transient Parking

▪ Free Fresh Coffee

▪ Weather Station

▪ Clean Restrooms

▪ Pilot Patio 

Self Service Pump Station (During business hours)

▪ Free Wi-Fi

Restaurant on field: Wings Café

AFI is located on the southwest side of Fullerton Airport.


Our Transient Parking is located on our flight line. Guests will park on the GREEN tie-downs facing the taxiway.




Fill Up Cheaper On Fridays!

Enjoy a 50 cent discount on our regular full service price when you fill up on Friday! Whether you fill or we fill.


This week's price is: $5.29/Gal.

AFI is a Lyft partner! Enter code flyafi to claim a $20 credit!


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