Looking to take an FAA exam at our facility?  Tests are administered Monday-Friday from 8AM-3PM


Call PSI directly at (844) 704-1487 or visit https://faa.psiexams.com/faa/login to schedule and pay for your exams. 




A VALID and CURRENT government-issued I.D. that includes a photo, date of birth, and signature.


If you are not a U.S. citizen, your passport AND government-issued I.D., BOTH of which MUST be VALID and CURRENT.


If your I.D. does not have your current RESIDENTIAL address on it you must bring acceptable proof of address. It must be one of the items from the following list ONLY:


- Any of the following forms signed by an FAA inspector or other designated personnel

Student Pilot Certificate, FAA Medical Certificate, FAA Airman Certificate, Temporary Airman Certificate, Mechanic's Application for IA (8610-1), or Airman Certification or Rating Application (8610-2 or 8710-1)


- DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data


- DD Form 2058, State of Legal Residence Certificate


- Form DS-2019 (Certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor (J-1) status).


- PUBLIC utilities statement (electric, gas, water) – CABLE/INTERNET is NOT acceptable.


- Mortgage statement


- Lease agreement (MUST BE SIGNED)


- Property tax bill or receipt


- Property deed


- Motor vehicle title/registration documentation


- U.S. Military ‘Home of Record’ documentation


- Voter registration card


*  Post office boxes, rural routes, flight school address (unless the applicant actually resides there), and business/employer/commercial addresses are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


If you are under 18 and do not have an acceptable form of I.D., a parent or legal guardian is required to accompany you, present the appropriate I.D. as listed above, and attest to your identity.


Acceptable test authorization if required:

  • Certificate of graduation issued by an FAA certificated pilot school (14 CFR § 61.71(a).

  • Written statement or logbook endorsement from an authorized ground or flight instructor certifying that the applicant completed an applicable ground training or home study course and is prepared for the knowledge test (14 CFR § 61.35, 61.96(b)(3) or 61.103(d)(2)).


If you are retesting, you must present us with your ORIGINAL, embossed Airman Knowledge Test Report with any appropriate retest authorizations as required, or an expired test/credit letter issued by the FAA's Airman Certification Branch. 


A plotter and E6B (electronic or manual) may be brought along.


AFI provides pencils, paper, and the required supplements.

FAA Written Test


Our office is located at the

Fullerton Airport 

4119 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833

Open 7 Days a Week

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