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Commercial Pilot


Ready to join the ranks of professional aviators? In addition to FAA-required subject areas, our Commercial Pilot Course prepares you for real-world commercial flying. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge and experience to successfully transition to a commercial pilot position.

Since there are many variables that factor into the time building requirements for the commercial certificate, AFI is unable to provide a cost estimate for this rating. Candidates training under FAA Part 61 will need 250 hours total time while those under FAA Part 141 need 190 hours total time. A cost estimate for the completion of the commercial certificate can be more accurately given to those already holding a private pilot certificate.



▪ Hold a Private Pilot Certificate

▪ Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language

▪ Obtain at least a current third-class medical certificate

▪ Meet the experience requirements for Commercial Pilot Certificate

▪ Pass a written knowledge test as well as the oral/practical test

Click Here to discover the FAA requirements for the Commercial Pilot Certificate. AFIs Commercial course is an FAA Part 141 program

Non-US Citizens


TSA approval is only required for primary training. TSA approval is not required for commercial pilot training.

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